Zyanya Eztli
Vital statistics
Race Xalayi
Class Witch
Alias/Nickname Unknown
Position/Profession Navigator, Hope Company Fleet
Physical Attributes
Age 24
Height 5'2"
Weight 90lbs


Short and slender, this witch packs a punch into a small frame. Aquatic life has lead to a streamlined, athletic figure which.. is rarely wearing more than the minimum of land-lubber clothing. Often clad in nothing more than a bikini and maybe a makeshift skirt, she's one lady who has absolutely no problem witht nudity. 


Often times silly and usually a bit distracted and scatterbrained, Zya doesn't really have a malicious bone in her body-- save for those that pollute or endanger the seas and skies. A devout follower of Esmawrath, Shuun and Ciahal, the witch does her best to protect those domains while also seeking out the greatest of treasures and helping the friends she collects along the way. 


Originally from the Imarelian Xalayi city of Jas'Rasa, Zyanya made her way to the moon on the search for her older brother, Kindaeran H'Zal. Though he was technically a half-sibling, the witch (like most Xalayi) didn't bother with the distinction since he still shared one parent. 

Finding Kindaeran meant finding her best (girl?)friend Miri Weil, and finding the Hope Company itself. Through the Hope Company, Zya's gotten into and out of no end of trouble, and hopes to continue this trend.