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Welcome to the World of Imarel Wiki! The events and story of Imarel have been a series of ongoing adventures since 1988, when Imarel was created as a homebrew tabletop game for AD&D  1st edition. In 1995, by T.A. Saunders, Imarel was brought forth as part of an online role-playing community on AOL, where it existed until 2003, when it moved to IRC, on the Sorcery.Net IRC server. Over the years, the channel’s changed names, (having been originally #stormsend_tavern, then #whispering_raven) and changed servers a few times, with a short stint on Starchat and a shorter stint on Espernet, before finally settling in our present home on Darkmyst .
In that time the ongoing game world has generated a great deal of lore that has added to the richness and diversity of the gameplay. As storyline evolves, events shift from one part of the world to another, allowing players to experience the entire world, rather than a small part of it. These transitions are referred to as chronicles.
In each chronicle, characters develop, explore the area of the world they're adventuring in and create bonds with other characters and NPC’s involved in the chronicle. As one chronicle ends and another begins, those connections and relationships carry over and become influential in effecting events in the next chronicle, as the character’s name and reputation grow. This allows for a richer roleplay experience, instead of a static city, or tavern where you never meet anybody important and don't have an influence on anything that really happens.
Occasionally, rather than starting a new chronicle, we ‘reset’ and encourage our players to make new characters to start fresh. These ‘newbie chronicles’ are also a great time for new players to jump in on the action and start at the very beginning. It also serves to keep the game fresh and to keep older players from having a vast advantage over newer players.
This wiki is an attempt to document these chronicles and all related information pertaining to this ever-evolving game setting.

Imarel worldmap

Map of Imarel

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