Teyas Al`Laine
Vital statistics
Race Tallis-Vyss (Shadow Elf)
Class Illusionist
Alias/Nickname Tey, Limpy
Position/Profession Island resident derpfaise and burnout
Physical Attributes
Age 20
Height 5'2"
Weight 90 lbs


Teyas is short and pale, like most Tallis-Vyss , with shaggy, silver-white hair and red eyes.  Before becoming a castaway on Fogfall Island, he was usually found in gaudy, obnoxious coloured clothing, or simply his Hallucinatist Robes.  Tey walks with a slight limp, favouring his left leg, an injury resulting from the airship crash.


Teyas has been described as ranging anwhere between adorable and annoying.  The young illusionist speaks in fragmented Common, often neglecting entire words seemingly at random or repeating words a few times for emphasis.  Though reasonably intelligent, he seems oblivious to many things, especially romance and sexuality.  He enjoys hugs, cuddling, and any sort of platonic affection, though, and will go to great lengths to please people he cares about to receive praise.

More often than not, Teyas is intoxicated on any number of substances, including coconut whiskey, thistleweed, or hallucinagenic mushrooms.  He generally claims that these are an occupational requirement, and also a way for him to be closer to Vanidyr, one of the deities he follows.

Due to a childhood trauma, he has a very poor opinion of heroes, especially Northlanders and the Heroes of Am-Xitha, most notably the Arthandas family.  He also has a strong dislike of Occultists .


Teyas was a fairly normal child, until the age of ten, where he witnessed the apparent murder of a Tallis-Vyss at the hands of Am-Xithan Heroes lead by Sir Murcalus Arthandas at the Misyn-Virana in Am-Orah .  In reality, this was a misunderstanding coupled with a few severely poor judgment calls, but unfortunately for the young, impressionable man, he did not know this.

After that trauma, he began to act out, and show signs of various personality disorders.  His mother brought him to Am-Xitha for treatment.  Shortly after, he was enrolled in the Am-Xitha School of Magic, training in illusions.  

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