"Don't waste your time trying to justify your unrealistic ideals to me.  I don't care.  I intend on going to get the job done efficiently and effectively, with or without your so-called moral high ground."

Quinton Dharthan
Vital statistics
Race Asyn-Shei (Quar`Vess/Tallis-Shei)
Class Conjurer/Hunter
Alias/Nickname Quint
Position/Profession Wandering Bowman
Physical Attributes
Age 28
Height 6'6"
Weight 175 lbs


Quinton is best described as pretty, as opposed to handsome, with delicate features and smooth, pale skin.  Though born with platinum-blonde hair, an experience on a ghost vessel during the Oruthun incident on Ishaela shocked his hair a snowy white in color.  Quinton possesses tilted, almond-shaped eyes that are a brilliant emerald green color.  Despite his delicate facial structure, for an Asyn-Shei the Conjurer is relatively sturdily built.  Standing at a whopping 6'6" tall, exceptional for his race, the man is built with broader shoulders than his svelte frame should possess, with compact musculature hiding under his smooth skin.

Quinton typically dresses to suit his situation, but his typical adventuring garb in the Tashri Desert is a black, skin-tight sleeveless starweave shirt, black pants, heavy boots, and a long sand drake scale vest.  To keep covered, he usually remains under a long white robe and head scarf, preventing over exposure to Ka's rays directly.  Quinton carries a bow, though that usually remains unstrung and more resembles a walking stick while in this state.

Personality Edit

Quinton initially comes off as friendly, with a pleasant (if occasionally crude) sense of humor. At first glance, he seems capable of blending into a group and socializing relatively normally. The longer one speaks to him, however, the quicker they learn that this is just a mask he wears. At his core, Quinton has grown cynical and jaded, with little to no faith in people, society, or organized religion. He especially has a distaste for the edicts of Mercy, which he views as foolish. Quinton is prone to kill a target over capture, as he feels leaving them alive allows for too many opportunities for them to become a repeat offender.