Vital statistics
Race Quivyni (Human)
Class Channeler/Summoner
Alias/Nickname Nhova
Position/Profession Horse-breeder
Physical Attributes
Age 18
Height 5'6"
Weight 133lbs


Thick and stocky, Nhova has always had an affinity for the earth. Her skin is a tanned brown like many of her people, and her hair is only a few shades darker. Even her eyes are a rich brown, like fresh-turned earth. She's strong like the horses she raises, muscular as opposed to any more.. feminine build. Her left arm is marked with bands of Quivyni tattoos marking key accomplishments in her life, and she doesn't seem to vary her attire much from fitted leathers and shamanic ponchos and pouches.


Nhova's got a rather.. solid personality. Generally pretty low-key, the young woman is used to being around animals and behaving in ways that won't freak them out. She's quick to laugh, though, and always in for a bit of relaxing with friends. She's somehow managed to remain both carefree and unafraid of death, continually putting herself on the line for things she believes in.


Born and raised among the nomadic Quivyni, Nhova was more or less learning to harness her connection to the Earth and deepen her abilities. Her family has always been largely responsible for the tribe's horses, and so it was no big surprise when the young woman was sent to North Reach on her own to see if there were any beasts worth adding to the herd, and to the bloodlines they had going.

Visiting North Reach had her discovering the group that would become the Hope Company, and had the young Channeler seeking permission to remain and help. Over the course of the next year, Nhova started her own herd of horses and fell in with the Vakunahn witch Esther, from whom she learned to summon elementals. Kiedra was another new acquaintance, who helped Nhova awaken the ability to shape fire as she did earth.

Nhova followed the Hope Company to Sengaard when they made the move, putting her abilities to work in the recovering country. This time, however, things haven't gone quite so well. Notorious for her bad luck, the Channeler entered Vakunah's dreams with a group of peers, and in a bid to strengthen the Vocorian against the Helid that has infected him, threw herself off the one bit of safety the group had.

Currently, she resides within the Smoldering pirate known as T'Sallis, singing the Aria of Purity and doing her best to offer what resistance she can until she's either rescued, or succumbs..


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