by T.A. Saunders ©2014 v1.0

The Tallis-Shei prophet Obenya had given the following prophecy in 213 BF, three days before the destruction of Am-Xitha, while on holiday at the Edge of Dreaming Hotel:

“Three queens will rise from the ashes from a war with three different names. Three queens standing all in a triangle, the eldest queen with fire, the middle queen with a Hirsalas branch, and the youngest queen with a holy book. Three queens to watch the great fire of the North, three queens to witness reason fall to chaos in the West, and three queens to herald the darkest night, where the Enemy is born, unseen.”

It is said that Obenya died on the evening of Am-Xitha’s destruction, in a peaceful sleep. Priests could not recall her soul to her body, as if the gods sought to keep her with them in Indaris. Though a priest of Jadaia, Emreth Kivv, remarked that the prophet had, “A smile so peaceful that death must have been a joy to her.” Six hours after her death, thousands of Shei, Human, and a handful of Shar`Vaire citizens perished at the hands of the Imperial D’Mirian Fleet.

The writing down of this prophecy was done by a nameless scribe who merely marked the document with the letter ‘W.’ It’s unknown whether the scribe had survived the destruction of the city or not, though several other documents both within the hotel’s library and the Am-Xitha royal library are marked with the same mysterious single letter.