Lavinia Hexxat
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Information Snapshots
Basic Info:

Name: Lavinia Hexxat.
Age: 25.
Height: 5'6".
Weight: 120 lbs.
Birthplace: Some backwoods Sengaardian hovel.
Occupation: Physician/Surgeon. Part-time botanist.
Eye Color: Violet.
Hair Color: Lavender.
Skintone: Electric Blue.
Ethos: Neutral.
Religion: Ciahal, Jadaiya, Philisteenja, Rivvahn, Seryn.
Languages Spoken: Common, Xalayi, Asyndi, Sengaardian.
Total EP>: 1.


This somewhat short, willowy Xalayi, with her muscular body one might expect from a race that swims in the water its entire life strolls through the world as though having electric blue skin, glowing violet tattoos and lavender hair just aren’t things that get attention. Given the melting pot status of many places on Imarel, however, she may be right. She’s been blessed with high cheekbones, full lips, catlike slanted eyes (also violet) and generally delicate features. It’s pretty great. Her expression is generally one of brow-furrowing concentration, her air distracted – leading to literally bumping into new friends on the road. And the goggles – she almost always wears them. even indoors. Even at night, because the sun never sets on a badass.

Her clothes? They’re a hodgepodge of things. She generally wanders around looking like a thrift-store came to life and begin spitting out ambulatory piles of attire. Nothing ever matches, it’s usually in vivid, clashing colors, and it never quite fits. And she seems to love it. If there is one finer thing in life she does have a weakness for, ever, it’s perfumes and fragrances. Usually she can be smelled walking around with something containing notes of bergamot and amber or maybe Sengaardian cocoa or something equally pretentious that may or may not actually exist. What matters is that it actually smells good. Most of the time.

To round out her appearance, the woman is usually not seen with at the very least a leather backpack slung over her shoulders; usually this is accompanied by a leather bag full of medical tools that clearly sports the holy symbols of Philisteenja and Jadaiya carefully etched into the hide. She’s either actually some kind of medical professional… or just really wants to dig around in your insides. Do you trust someone with webbed fingers rooting around in your lower bowel?

Story Hooks Quotes, Contacts and Etcetera
Backwoods-raised Xalayi who knows nothing of the culture of her people, Lala is nevertheless a positive, bubbly force of well-meaning help and friendly surgical tools. They even have pom-poms.

Botanist: Lavinia's a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to plants. Ask her about her drugs! Or the gutworms. The gutworms are her especial favorite.

Physician:This girl can cure what ails you, whether that be a quick application of salve on a nasty rash or webbed hands rooting around in your guts to plug an intestine or three. She's usually weirdly chipper about both.

Well-Meaning Failure:The Xalayi does her very level best to help where she might be needed and provide support where required. Unfortunately she usually bungles things up because she's a greenhorn who hasn't lived life so much as experienced it remotely through books.

Willshaper/Metamorph:Lavinia won't stop until she can become everything'. Everything

Xalayi: Lala's a fishgirl but she doesn't appear to behave like one might expect for a member of her race. She has values more akin to the Sengaardian norm than that of most Xalayi.

Folks Lavinia Knows!

Artemis: This poor man's taken me on as a student of sorts. He's very bubbly! Hopefully I don't do anything to make him frown.

Church: Unintelligible stammering. Heavy blushing.

Crichton: Still waters run deep.

Kayden Allusrial: She's quickly become one of my closest friends, and one I trust with even my nastiest secrets.

MOON: Moon is bombastic and chaotic and sometimes sweet! She keeps me on my toes and puts me in situations where I have to think quickly.

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