Jorah As`anar
Vital statistics
Race Xalayi
Class Bard (siren)
Alias/Nickname Happy Tail
Position/Profession Siren, songstress, maker of happy people
Physical Attributes
Age 26
Height 5'2"
Weight Light


Jorah is 5'2", slender and very light, but deceptively strong. She has a mass of long, thick midnight blue hair, streaked with hues of greens and blues, which she preens...a LOT. Her skin is tinged to a degree to the same shade as the iridescent teal-to-turquoise scales that crop up in patches along her skin, and the scales that cover her tail from waist to end fin.


Jorah is very rarely ever found without a smile, no matter the situation. In some ways, she's still very innocent and naive to the ways of the world, having been quite sheltered and protected for most of her young life in the oceanic city of Jas`Rasa. Her ability for compassion is as big as her gregarious personality. She is a bit vain, but what kind of siren would she be if she weren't just a little vain? That vanity lends to the constant preening and liking of being pretty, and of pretty things. 


Much of her childhood was spent under the protective sheltering of her two mothers and father in Jas`Rasa. They had a specific path they wanted her to follow, but Jorah's rebellious spirit broke free when she was 15 - she ran away. They soon sent her childhood companion, Kai, to bring her back home - but she was able to convince him that following her was a much better idea. They ended up in Am-Xitha for a number of good years. The opportunity to travel to Ishaela came up, and Jorah jumped at the chance. Why? Because it sounded FUN. Little did she know what they were really in for...