by T.A. Saunders ©2014 v1.0

Most treasure found at the end of an event is of the mundane type, with no special designation. This doesn’t make the loot in question not valuable, it simply doesn’t have a particular story to tell.

Flamesong sketch2

Flamesong, by T.A. Saunders

Occasionally, heroes will find particular items that have legends behind them, and by possessing the item, they are adding to that item’s legend. While some of these stories might be minor tales,  

and others great sagas, all give something to the item in question, to make owning it more important than simply the power it may grant.

Types of Loot (Sorted by Value)

Quest: These items, on the surface do not have any real value, but those who dig deeply into the item’s past and purpose may well find a path to another item of worth, or knowledge previously unknown.

Masterwork: These items will be of unusual durability and quality. They will have higher than usual bonuses and will be considered valuable to both their owners and the people that make them.

Lore: These items will be on par, or slightly higher quality than masterwork, but have a story behind them that increases their value substantially. Many times, these items will be linked to a legend or could have the potential of a quest to fulfill.

Infamous: Similar to lore items, but rather than having simply a bit of history, these items have a dark past and could even be cursed. Being viewed with items of this kind can have a negative effect on those who might be educated enough to know what they’re looking at. Like Lore items, there could be a potential quest involved.

Legendary: Legendary items most certainly have a grand story behind them, and could likewise be considered lore/infamous as well. These items are exceedingly powerful and are often signular types, having no existing duplicates, or perhaps few in existence. They will be vastly more powerful than normal lore, infamous or masterwork items and may well have been the product of a chronicle-long quest.

Artifact: Artifacts are the rarest sorts of treasure, often being the single greatest work of a legendary crafter, or a gift from a divine or infernal being. They are more powerful than even Legendary items and are often highly sentient, or tied to a higher purpose. Artifacts should be handled with the greatest care, as they will most certainly have a long and bloody history behind them. Artifacts are only very rarely given as permanent treasure; more often, they are lent to mortals for a specific purpose, or quest.