Parlor of plenty

Pahcheeka's Parlor

by T.A.Saunders ©2015

Located in the lavish Gambler’s District, Pahcheeka’s Parlor of Plenty is modeled, architecturally speaking, after the styles of upscale homes in Sundown and Brookshire. The first floor contains the foyer, the lobby, private viewing rooms and the main parlor itself, where guests and the ladies (and gentlemen) of the evening mingle. This area also doubles as the billiards and gaming room, which is off to the left side of the main parlor. Access to the wine cellar is also found on this floor, but the door itself is watched by one of the doormen at all times, to keep people from exploring where they ought not.

Drinks are served at a bar that’s situated between the main parlor and the billiards room. Clientele can pick the doxy that interests them, where a room is arranged and the ‘rules’ are explained. These are common sense rules, that include ‘inspection’ of the client’s condition, the ‘there is no tab, you pay’ rule, and the ‘you bruise ours, we bruise yours’ rule. The last of course, being the most important rule, that more than person has been removed from the parlor for breaking in less than stellar condition.

The second, third and fourth floors are all rooms for clientele, and the occasional guest that Pahcheeka allows to stay. Of these, many are people attempting to lay low to avoid notice from the city or just wayward sorts the Quivynite Madame has taken pity upon. The fourth floor however, is off limits to everybody but Pahcheeka, her employees and their personal guests.

Enforcing these rules is a doorman named Duke, along with his cadre of enforcers, that include Half-Giant twins, Kimjo and Jimko, a Voraath named Thegas. Duke often serves as Pahcheeka’s personal escort through the city.

While the Parlor of Plenty bears Pahcheeka’s name, it is co-owned between herself and her betrothed, “Riverman” Rhoan Sivhan. While both show up from time to time to check on how things are going, or to handle business-related matters, it is the enigmatic Miss Broussard that sees to the day to day dealings with the doxies, their clients and all matters of concern in between. Because of Rhoan’s hands in the operation here, it’s largely believed that like many businesses in the Gambler’s District, the Parlor is a safe house for the thieves guild known as the Riverway Rogues.

Rhoan’s gang isn’t the only one to find safe haven within the walls of the Parlor, however. Heroes assembled from across both Imarel and Ishaela have found sanctuary here as well, to maintain a ‘low profile’ while conducting their affairs. Much of their action focuses on stopping both the corruption in the city of North Reach and to bring to an end the destructive conflict between the nations of Quivyn and Sengaard.