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It has been one year since the conclusion of the A’thrachian War and the fall of the King-Priest, Evran Estaran. Now, with a new government run by the various barons of the land, Sengaard once more struggles to prosper as a nation out of the shadow of corrupt rulers and oppression.

In the small town of Thereen, heroes from the A’thrachian War known as Hope Company have constructed a hall to act as a base of operations, to address newly rising trouble in the land. Adventures, laborers and allies are sought to help rebuild Sengaard and combat the darkness that looms beyond!

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Welcome to the Ishaelian Chronicle, affectionately known as both Noobchron and Death Island.

It has been ten years since the War of the Benefactor, and the hard-won victory by the allied nations of the world. With governments looking inward to rebuild their cities and restore prosperity to their people, it is a time of both enlightenment and desperation, selfless sacrifice and cutthroat thievery. With the skyways rife with more pirates than ever before, airship travel to the moon of Ishaela has become perilous for merchants and travelers alike, looking to the watery moon for untapped wealth to be discovered. Heroes of a new generation are sought, to protect travelers and put an end to the piracy plaguing trade through the Ether. Will you heed the call to action in these dangerous times?


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