by T.A. Saunders ©2015 v1.0

Even the most basic and common armor can convey protection to the wearer, though against some of Imarel’s more fierce monsters, one should look into something made from an exotic metal or enchanted. The values below are with the understanding that the armor in question is made out of simple materials, such as cow leather, iron, steel, bronze, heavy silk or wool, and the like.
  • Light armor (robes, padded tunic, etc.) = -15% armor value
  • Medium armor (chain, scale, leather, etc.) = -35% armor value
  • Heavy armor (banded, splint, platemail, etc.) = -65% armor value
Sometimes one may acquire enchanted armor of the common type, but this will not have any special enchantment to it, save for the rarest of times (10% chance) and will not increase its overall bonus by more than -10% armor value. Common armor does not convey any mystic defense, even if enchanted.
Common jewelry, like armor can be found with minor enchantment (15% chance), but will not range higher than -5% armor rating bonus/mystic defense, or +10% to a particular hit type.
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