Arriving The Whispering Raven

by T.A. Saunders ©2009 v1.1

Whispering Raven
Shar’Vaire neighbors fly in and out to trade with these earnest, hard-working folk. Whether it be exotic metal, gems or art, or more mundane things like meats or wine there is a market for nearly everything in Sundown. New businesses are cropping up each week and tradesmen of every sort seek to ply their wares to townspeople and adventurers alike.The Whispering Raven tavern is set in the city of Sundown, located on the southeastern bend of the Singing Coast, on the continent of Tal’Rah. The world itself is known as Imarel and can be reached by various sorcerous means. Regardless of how one gets there, Sundown is a fairly new city in an incredibly old world. Having stood for just over hundred years, Humans and the last remnants of a war-decimated Moon Elf population are trying to carve out their destinies in a place where beginning again is a commonplace theme.

With the recent civil war in Sundown there’s also plenty of work for mercenaries, hireswords and spell-casters of every kind to find adventure. Whether it be guarding caravans, investigating the underground remnants of the vampire regime hidden in the Old City or joining in on the fighting the increasingly more-organized brigands outside the city itself, there’s almost always some kind of turbulence somewhere to partake in.

The Whispering Raven is one of the newer establishments in Sundown, having been opened by the Quar’Vess archmage, Lord Kithanis uth Braegon III of Farwind, the tavern boasts the most exotic menu anywhere in the city, due to access to some rare dishes from across Imarel.

It’s not uncommon to have bards or storytellers take the stage to entertain a busy crowd on nights where heroes and common folk alike may wish to remember a happier time. Likewise tests of skill are often played out on the stage for the entertainment of watchers-on.

Pull up a chair and enjoy your stay at one of the tastefully decorated rooms at the Whispering Raven. Each room is outfitted with the latest in sorcerous fixtures to ensure warm, clean water in each room along with large comfy beds fit for royalty. Located near the docks, the Raven hosts an array of customers from a few of the local Shadow Hunters to visiting dignitaries from other cities across Imarel to foreigners from across the multiverse. All are welcome within the Whispering Raven.While crowds can be rowdy at times, due to the overall wild nature of the city, it is ill-advised to take brawling to murderous levels. While the presence of the the city’s lawmen, the Shadow Hunters is becoming more and more common these days, it is still not unheard of for citizens to take the law into their own hands to deal with one that might victimize them. Vampires are not the only way people disappear in the untamed streets of Sundown.